If you don't choose Years, Excel will group January from one year and January from another year into a single value called January. To group these dates by quarters, execute MS Access select the first record of each group using First Function, Access VBA delete Table records with SQL using DoCMD.RunSQL Method, Access Case Sensitive Join Table (Inner Join, Left Join), Access StrComp Function to Compare text (case sensitive comparison), Access VBA import workbook to Access using Transferspreadsheet, Access VBA loop through all Tables using DAO.TableDef, Access VBA delete Table using DoCmd.DeleteObject Method, Access VBA import txt using DoCmd.TransferText Method, MS Project delete Summary Task without deleting subtasks, Microsoft Access produce Cartesian product with Cross Join, Solution to Access Error 3047 Record is too large, Access replace Crosstab Query with Expression, Access VBA change Query criteria using QueryDef.SQL Property, Quickly search email in Outlook using criteria, Access VBA create Query using CreateQueryDef. I … This works great on a PC, however it looks as though table queries are not supported in Excel for Mac 2016. Group date by month, quarter or year in pivot table There is a Group function in pivot table, you can apply it to group data as your need. When I produce a pivot table with the date field, it provides sales by day. In the example shown, a pivot table is used to count colors per month for data that covers a 6-month period. Since Excel 2016,  when you drag a date field to a Pivot Table Pivot Table Row, the dates are  automatically grouped by months instead of showing each date. 500 rows of daily dates are now 24 rows of months. The pivot tables you create in Excel for your dashboards and reports often need to be tweaked to get the look and feel you’re going for. Learn How to Group Pivot Table Data by Month We can use a PivotTable to GROUP A SET OF DATA by MONTHS. I have a pivot table in Excel 2016 summarizing expenses by activity period by month and year. Right click on it and select group. The Grouping dialog defaults to selecting months. But that does not seem to have effect on the pivot table field grouping, that is always wrong and I can't reformat it (unles I manually retype it; which is nearly impossible if I group per day). 6-Jan, 7-Jan, 8-Jan, 10-Jan, 11-Jan, etc. "Do not share my Personal Information". This Excel tutorial explains how to group dates and ungroup month in Excel Pivot Table to prevent auto grouping of Pivot Table in Excel 2016. Note that there is an Excel Option called Group dates in the AutoFilter Menu in Excel option, it does not work for Pivot Table Row Grouping. For example, group order dates by year and month, or group test scores in bands of 10. To display the original  dates on each row, highlight Days then OK. Now the months are ungrouped and are displayed on each row. If your data spans more than one year, it is crucial that you also select years. For example, you may want to group an unwieldy list of dates or times (date and time fields in the PivotTable) into quarters and months, like this image. To build a pivot table to summarize data by month, you can use the date grouping feature. Here is a