how about 5 dachshunds? exactly DubV.i have been working on a propaganda blog. love your anti-commie solution though " let people own what they want and if it injures or kills someone hold the owner responsible". But not all owners do. How about this Cory. "Where is your proof of this? People will not begin abandoning their beloved dogs and running from the pit bulls. Like I said watch the dog whisperer(you may learn something). Less than one percent of dog attacks I've found are from pit mixes. Thank you for remembering them.4truth - Did you see that all of the books are online in their entirety in google books? Respect to all lost by dog attacks. Someone told me they had an AKC registered APBT, so I assumed they were included in the registry! And you're right, they're not just names, they're human beings. ONLY people who own pit bulls can study them or have an opinion about them. Despite the fact that I know they exist and despite the fact that providing these reports would immediately remove any criticisms on the nanny dog." You have repeatedly failed to show much of it. Either stay on topic, or don't comment. Very good! Since you have oodles of time on your hands, maybe you should go research the recipient of the first human face transplant. Which further solidifies the fact that pit bulls are different than other game breeds. That being said:Yes Pitbull breeds were bred to fight. I notice you didn't find anything to refute it either. As for your monster comment. Of course its important to the pit bull ownership rights lobby. His rap sheet is a mile long, and his escapades are well documented. Daniels brings up Dickens' villainous Bull's-Eye again and Mrs. Rant acknowledges that the Stafford ", had an unsavory reputation for fighting and violence and his name became associated with ruffians, who cared little for him as a dog but only for his ability in the pit. American dog temperment tests show pits at 83% - higher than most breeds. But this isn't an absolute! Jermey, My research was "based" solely on the nanny dog because this was a blog post about the nanny dog myth. "There is perhaps no more beautiful illustration of the results of artificial selection than is provided in the history of the bulldog. It took me all of 10 minutes to find records from a breeder that was breeding specifically for ranch dogs in 1905. BAD RAP... anti-pit-bull. well bullseyeview, you almost followed the argument. CHILDREN are going to die in BSL cities today because this blog continues to add fuel to the fire. We're not talking about a wet nurse here, the term was used because they stuck to the kids like glue and provided constant companionship..."This was your comment, Cory. "Not badmouth, people who are lying about the breed's higher tendency to maul and kill animals and people. you seriously are crazy... i love ignorance. UPDATE 5/21/13: Two years and nine months after the Nanny Dog Myth Revealed was first published, BAD RAP, a major pit bull advocacy group publicly announced that it will no longer support the Nanny Dog myth because it endangers children. More pictures? So, everything that reporter said was bassackwards, and unsubstantiated, to boot.Most of these commenters have obviously not read the blog post. nope. This is just a shame. The history of the Pit Bull can be traced back to the early 1800s in the United Kingdom. Mrs. Rant, lover and promoter of the Stafford, is clearly speaking in the present tense about the dog of today (1971) currently being referred to as a 'nursemaid dog' in the United States. i have seen for your first question - it is idiotic. Yet it's supposed to be about balance? i don't believe that all owners are criminals, illiterate, airhead pit nutters or dog fighters. But because you entertain me in my spare time; I will tackle other points you've mentioned despite their disconnect from the article and the rules. " She is NEVER allowed outside with out me, and very well trained. @ Provi:Comparing an ESBT to an APBT shares ground to comparing a caniche to a newfoundland." To be honest. There are reasons some dogs are aggressive and you can almost always trace that back to the owner. provi, another whopper of a myth. Read the temperament test. As for other breed attacks, I try and keep track of them here when I have the time. haha, i thought you were gonna call me a pit nutter!I've read some of your other blogs, and i am curious to know why you started your blogs? You will not be able to do that.When you ban a type of dog, you expect bites from that type of dog to drop dramatically. Your article is great!Wow, Craven, yes. You're changing the definition of the pit bull's "nanny dog" status to fit in the new criteria that Craven has laid out for you. There is a huge difference between being killed by an animal you choose to deal with and getting mauled in public spaces when you have no idea the animal is near.Frankly, if pit bulls only killed their owners, the pit bull owner's family members and the pit bull owner's friends on the pit bull owner's property, I'd have no problem with that. No, the term nanny dog was only earned through the interpretation of photos. A breed of dog - ANY BREED - exists for a purpose. It is absolutely unacceptable for them to force entire communities to bear completely avoidable additional risk just so they can get a thrill.Smoking got banned in public places after studies on second-hand smoke came out.If you go to the link above, you will find that the husband wants his other pit bull back because he judges that dog to be safe. "normally i wouldn't publish your rumor mongering but i just had to publish this one. The bulldog would be brave to the death of course, and would withstand pain that the terrier would never endure, but that was poor consolation when the terrier had killed the dog. Get out and spend some time with one instead of reading about them on the 'net. And what's amazing is that these people seem to have fewer problems despite some members of their breed coming from shaky lineages. With the photo logic, they've resorted to what a carnival owner would do. Just click on the links. But if you look at the fact that pit bulls have caused more unprovoked harm than any other breed or type since their inception their history lines up perfectly. other dog stars are not cast in that light. actually i prefer to think of CD as my manifesto of rage.if you had bothered to read any of those links about famous "pit bulls" and famous "pit bull" owners you would see that i provide objective independent sources to back up EVERY thing that i say. You're "proof" is not that they weren't called nanny dogs, just that they were used for fighting by many and regarded as too violent for women by an author. The way people 160 years ago saw these dogs is the same as today - they saw them as fighting dogs and many people despised them. i don't like censoring. If you arent closed minded then you should have no trouble finding it yourself since you seem so intent upon giving them a 'bad rap'. Adding to the fact that they have had aggression bred into them, if they do attack someone they are going to do a lot of damage because they are physically killing machines.I don't think that every pitbull out there is dangerous, but it's ridiculous to keep this breed going. We need to reference this as often as possible people!! I know how to handle my dog, and i know how to read her body language. but let's say i believe this number, are these horses randomly killing innocent people as they ride their bikes, take the trash out and check their mail or are these deaths occurring to people engaging in a dangerous hobby, people who accept the risk of their chosen hobby like mountain climbing or sky diving?no, this is a TRUTHFUL blog. But is it or has it ever been safe? Which should not be amazing or revolutionary seeing how they were bred with the instinct to fight. You might be surprised.Go ahead, call me a nutter or fucking stupid like you have others that have defended this breed. There have been over a hundred victims in the past 6 months alone. This is the truth of the Stafforshire Bull Terrier today. There was a time when Pit Bulls were used as canine babysitters or nanny dogs. And kudos on recognizing research when you see it. Plus, most attacks are from dogs that are mixed breed and unstable... then are labeled pitbulls by the media. they have never made an aggressive move toward anyone or any other dog. No! In other words, they were used to care for the children of … Often times the owners of pitbulls that have attacked and killed someone say that it's the first time the dog had ever snapped at someone. I suppose not or they didn't learn to be a bit skeptical.Propaganda, advertising, pit nutter "facts", all are the same thing. Don't worry - the child isn't hurt in this video, but see how many times the dog tells his person how horribly uncomfortable he is. i will be sure to credit you.why yes, stubby does ring a bell. so does helen keller. so does I cannot wait for this one. While some sites bestow the Nanny Dog mantle on the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier and some lead you to productions of Peter Pan, most of the results lead you to 21st century blogs and news articles about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Nanny is a well deserved name, oh my, you are too stupid for words. This comment continues to be rolled out by random anti-Pit Bull scaremongers as “proof” that Pit Bulls were never “nanny dogs.” They’ll then try to use this narrative to imply that Bad Rap has had a hiccup of dignity while the rest of us (millions of people) continue endangering all of America by allowing our “landsharks” to walk public streets as the innocent dogs that they actually are. No mention of Nana ever being a Staffie Bull. The person is walking a dog and it is attacked by a pit and then the person gets involved.People will not stop being in public with dogs. if you can't control it, if you can't prevent it from attacking another dog or a horse, then you shouldn't be able to own it. Speaking of which, think you will do research on the pit bull holocaust? . "you haven't read the blog, yet you have the audacity to attempt to dispute the content anyway. What happened to that idea that no one can find a pit bull? You honestly cannot be this idiotic...If you want to learn more about pit bulls types then please click on this link. Nowhere did it mention here that no one should be allowed to own a pit bull. Thank you, BAD RAP, It's Dog Bite Prevention Week. "So what is that supposed to mean? Well, there are a lot of Saint Bernards with kids, were they nanny dogs? Hell, if my dog is proof of anything, she is the Nanny dog. 54 comments. That makes them real time wasters if you ask me! The problem with the pit bull is dual. They're not people... do you really have to scrape that low at the bottom of your barrel to try and prove you're right about something? i do go after pit bull owners and my focus is on animal aggression, not human aggression. But, the myth did not really take off for another 4 years, when Mrs. Rant published her book in 1991. The post says nothing about what kind of dog he should own. When I lived in a large city, I used to pick up strays and take them to "no kill" shelters out of the city where I thought they might have a better chance - that included a deluge of pit bull puppies that I started seeing in my neighborhood.And I've had a few that were abnormal. Love that! Maybe you're a little smart after all.Also, you do know that anyone can edit a wiki page and that anyone can assert something as fact with out any evidence? You're basically admitting that in some part of your mind, that if someone thought this and then put their child around a dog who has a bad history of deciphering animal and human aggression as you like to put it; is socially acceptable and even reasonable. A handful of photos. I take back what I said about Jeremy being able to comprehend sourced research when he sees it. Mr. Lee is perhaps the first recorded pit nutter. What about pictures AND records of this? More than 40 fatal attacks in the past five years alone have been pit bulls. The name of the breed was revised effective January 1, 1972 to American Staffordshire Terrier. You only interpret this to be a truth, but have no proof of it being one. And I'm out to. @ProviThink this is your point? I'd hate to call you an idiot but you can't even grasp the basics of genetic behavior. The Nanny Dog Myth - A new blog, "The Truth About Pit Bulls," launched Tuesday with contributors CKing and Craven Desires. How would you look at an not even article but blog, that basically tries to destroy me as a breeder that there are to many pitbulls dieing and overflooding places. You guys are cute, hateful but funny.I'm sorry you had a bad experience, I truly am. cking did all the excellent work on this blog post. Know your individual dog, know your individual child. ... People are still commenting on the post to this day and calling BAD RAP "anti-pit-bull." I own a american pit bull terrier, he's a ex fighting dog who was on his death bed due to his lack of true dog aggression while they busted the ring. It wasn't until Falcor was 15 years old and bit my three year old nephew's face that my parents finally put the dog down. people you really need to focus and stay on topic. We ban people who are dangerous from our society (institutions, jail, etcetera), so we should ban dangerous dogs too. david, do you actually understand this blog post? A google search brings up 77,100 results for the term "nanny dog." If it's the former, look it up. could 5 cocker spaniels kill a healthy adult man? Those of us who want pit bulls to disappear will support your truth. And In England! stephanie, i never said that BSL would solve the problem and in my other blog, i target both ends of the leash equally. When my husband and I adopted what we were told was a boxer/mastiff at the pound, she turned out to be a pit bull. we'll do our best to make your voice famous. They should definitely be supervised with other household pets and children. It is funny, if you go to any Chesapeake Bay retriever site, they will warn you that Chessies are not as easy going as labrador retrievers, they are harder to train, and can be more aggressive than labrador retrievers. Because you know that is how England populated its American colonies back in the day, right?Kindest regards. i cant really comment as I'm English and own a staff which is the best dog with children and family in the world. You can tell because the dog sat with the children for a couple minutes that the dog was friendly- - and the family dog? Considered a first class guard dog in Japan, Japanese mothers would often leave their children in the family Akita's care. Everyone who actually knows anything about dogs, and thus knows that dogs are individuals, knows that this isn’t true. I have a 4 year-old active, happy pit bull I've taken to obedience school, and my sister and I have thoroughly trained him. Have you been reading the post on this blog at all? They were bred as companion animals, not fighters. Instantly. This list breaks my heart.Amber Jones10 years old/San Antonio TXJanuary 12, 2007Neighbor’s pit bullPedro Rios4 years old/Pasadenao TXNovember 21, 2006Ownership details not availableAllen L. Young22 months old/Bamberg SCOctober 4, 2006Family pit bullMireya Puga Davila3 years old/Hargill TXJuly 25, 2006Family pit bullJavelin Anderson15 months old/Conehatta MSJune 17, 2006Family pit bullCody Adair4 years old/Bartlesville OKJanuary 3, 2006Uncle’s pit bullKylee Johnson14 months old/Louisville KYNovember 6, 2005Family pit bull, American Children killed by pit bull dogs - 2005Kylee Johnson14 months old/Louisville KYNovember 6, 2005Family pit bullJonathan Martin2 years old/Suffolk VAOctober 3, 2005Family pit bullDazavious K. Williams5 weeks old/Griffin GAJuly 7, 2005Neighbor’s pit bullsNicholas Faibish 12 years old/San Francisco CAJune 3, 2005Family pit bullArianna Fleeman2 years old/Huntington WVMay5, 2005Pit bull owned by friend of the familyCassidy Jeter6 years old/ Hamtramck MIApril 4, 2005Family pit bullLydia E. Chaplin14 years old/Erie ILJanuary 27, 2005Ownership of pit bulls not establishedTyler Babcock6 years old/Clovis CAJanuary 2, 2005Neighbor’s pit bull, American Children killed by pit bull dogs - 2004Kamryn Billingsley1 month old/Shoreline Park MSDecember 12, 2004Ownership of pit bull not established Annilee McKinnon5 years old/Show Low AZDecember 2004Neighbor’s pit bullMyles Leakes4 years old/Orlando FLDecember 9, 2004Ownership of pit bull not establishedAnton Brown8 years old/Tampa FLOctober 1, 2004Family keeping pit bull for a friendIsaiah Calandis Smith19 months old/Greer SCSeptember 2, 2004Ownership of pit bull not establishedJordan Lee Parker8 months old/Nacogdoches TXJuly 15, 2004Grandmother’s pit bullRoddy Phillip Dumas Jr.8 years old/Charlotte NCApril 14, 2004Family pit bullJohn Doe16 months old/Rouge Park MIApril 5, 2004Grandmother’s pit bullNathan Hill3 years old/Bunn Level NCJanuary 2004Neighbor’s pit bull. They should definitely be supervised with other household pets and children.LOL!!!!! In 2013 they were brave enough to stand up to the pro-Pitbull extremists in their own group and write clearly: “Did you know that there was never such thing as a ‘Nanny’s Dog’? They died because somebody with a big ego and a small brain kept a dangerous animal around children. If you want to assert that there are many cases of children being killed by other breeds of dogs that are not being reported, then find them. Any dog is capable of killing/biting anyone. And now you've proven me right. She likes to cuddle. He does not simply take a hold and stay there. Posted by. He is very loving, cuddly & obedient. Inherently with out question.I can partially agree with your breeding method theory. Thank you, BAD RAP Of course not. Mayhem sleeps with our cats and guinea pig, he protects our home, he protects us, he makes us laugh when no one else could. Kathy Thomas acknowledges that there is dog fighting going on all around her in 1987 near Toronto. And if photos are a clear evidence of the nanny dog, then Saint Bernards are nanny dogs to. Thanks for clearing that up. THIS dog will love you more than anyone will if you give it a chance. The whole purpose of Schutzhund and the models based off of it were made to train GSD and their cousin the Belgian Malinois. birdy13, yes i am familiar all of the nanny dog propaganda on the internet.i especially like this oneConsidered a first class guard dog in Japan, Japanese mothers would often leave their children in the family Akita's care. Craven, I love how the pit bull community shows once more than it cannot comprehend the basic of rules nor the most basic of journals. Thanks Neil!! "First, saying you found evidence and then not providing it is the same as not having any evidence at all. "Breeder Kathy Thomas, president of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Association said, 'We're aware of the fighting - there's a lot of it in the Hamilton area. I'm not the one trying to dispel a so called myth while admitting that my research was limited. Remember, only people are ignorant, not animals. Does that mean that those Pit Bulls pictured didn’t serve as nanny dogs in those individual households? i don't think anyone missed that point judy. We need to get it up there! But enough with the english staffordshire terrier already unless you can show that this is a recognized breed by a recognized kennel club and that it was called the nanny dog. I'm not talking about bans either, just regulation. "Now look at the entire terrier group, coonhounds, wolfhounds, daschunds, all have historically been bred to hunt and/or kill other animals but we don't worry about them around our kids or seem surprised when they show other skills, do we? Everyone who sees her says she's a pit. here is a federal judge citing the nanny dog nonsense in TYLA HAFSTROM'S fantasy piece. what i mean? '", Thomas, mother of two young children, said her eight Staffordshires are. More pictures! One hundred years ago people were dumber about germ theory, but they'd already lived with dogs for about 14,000 years by then. Yes, not all pit bulls are all savages. You would think an advocacy group so intent on dismissing myths would see the clear fault in their argument. Great reasoning there. But what really is important to you is the pictures! Yea it's in there blood to be animal aggressive but those same dogs are people lovers. Man-biters were not culled and your adorable Petey are coming up next. sounds like YOU and the BBC need to do a little more for the photos, they are staffy bulls. Do some real research, actually spend some time with the dogs. Okay, so let’s see here. We need to get this out for everybody to see so they too can know the truth.And thank you for sharing that information, April 29. he had several pit bulls, they killed his neighbor/friend. You should be able to own whatever dog you want. @Cravendesires - please don't confuse the pit bull or the american stafforshire bull terrier to the ENGLSIH staffordshire..this is SO OLD! While it is too late for many children, hopefully many will be saved in the future. There are TONS of pit-bull type dogs in my county and I have yet to see anyone expect theirs to babysit the kids. Not that I would recommend it, but one type of aggression does not guarantee the other. Dumb? Thank you for giving me the chance to correct you. i hear that the state actually forbids human beings from discriminating against canines! There have been over a hundred victims in the past 6 months alone. i agree, responsible owners don't TRAIN their dogs to fight and kill but then again neither do irresponsible owners. as are all of comments pertaining to what this blog is about. The Nanny Dog argument is no longer valid in the way that Mrs. Rant used it in 1971 when the general public was not aware of contemporary dog fighting. So even if the nanny dog myth was true, it would not hold ground because the breed of dog is much different than what it once was. The pit bull owners are kind of hypocritical when they say "ban stupid people, not dogs." First any dog is capable of harming anyone, watch the dog whisperer (you may learn something), you rarely see pits acting a fool on there and when you do see pits they are Ceasars favorite dogs(and example he uses to help ppl with their dogs), they were breed to love people because they were fought in the ring. While photos/movies of kids and pets are cute to look at, the reality of leavening a pet that is depended on it's owner to care for it "in charge" of a child is a huge fail at parenting no matter what breed or species. take a look around, you might learn something. There is no kennel club recognized breed currently called the "english staffordshire terrier" or the "staffordshire terrier" as far as I know. Either they realize this and don't acknowledge it or they're to stupid to realize that they are the very victims of a system Hitler created exploited by the pit bull apologia. Second, these Bullies are being killed because of people like you. Point is that you have no substantial proof of your claim other than a dozen or so photos that show pit type dogs with kids; dogs that have no recorded history and dogs that cannot be proven as good from a split second photoshoot. Small children and unknown humans are much more likely to elicit a deadly response because they dog does not understand what or why the human is acting as they do. In a. . x. Neil's comments lend credence to the idea that dogfighters pushing baby prams to dogfights is TOTAL CROCK!How refreshing to see some solid, verifiable RESEARCH! She is using a variation of the argument that Mr. Lee used 77 years before about the Bull Terrier, suggesting that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier's unsavory reputation as a fighting dog has been left in the far distant past. It is up to you to prove that point.None of this has to do with the point of this post which is that that pit bulls were never thought of as fighting nanny dogs. Pitbulls get a bad rap. Gee, did I hit a nerve? the pit nutters on US soil have co-opted the UK myth. What about kids killed by other breeds? How many of the above posters has, or have had an English Staffodshire Bull Terrier.Thank you all. They can not be left chained in a backyard or trained as guard dogs, to do either is to deny a basic need and break the dogs mind. Hi, I have been reading all the posts with interest, and I have two questions for everyone:1. People like Ledy and Jane spend hours spewing lies. You can't lie about that anymore because if you doubt any assertions made here, you can verify it yourself. It's unfortunate that you spend so much time hating on a dog when you could be doing other things. Nineteenth century dog breed books, such as, The Illustrated Natural History (Mammalia), very precisely describe the deadly nature of the Bull Terrier, including an account of a Bull Terrier's attack on a rhinoceros by a dog, "called Venus in derision of her ugliness. you can only have a valid opinion about dog aggression IF you have been mauled.the tentacles of the pit bull propaganda machine reach far and wide. I have always wondered why Britain banned apbts and not staffordshire bull terriers, since they are both pit bulls and both came from the fighting bull terriers from Staffordshire England as this blog post clearly shows. Lets say that BSL was an active law and it was illegal to own a "pit bull type" dog. Oh wait - genetics. Second, what does attempting to breed pit bulls as "ranch dogs" have to do with nanny dogs? I've meet many extremely well behaved and well socialized pits (I lived in South Florida and good pits well out numbered bad labs and shepherds at the dog park), but abusers and haters give these dogs a bad name. So to imply that every dog from any breed or group of breeds/types is completely safe left around children unattended would be doing a disservice to reality and thus public safety. Also, please provide evidence where the majority of the pit bull population was bred to be other than fighting or hog dogs. John Adams, U.S. president 1797-1801. Balance is important in debates which have to do with opinion. They are truly lovely, remarkable animals. I always wondered if this was true or not...I've been on both sides. Good job. And on the other side of that, the older my children get, the less I trust them not to do something foolish that may accidently harm our pets. @ Douglas Wolfe, CKing, and Craven, out of curiosity did you guys have a bad experience/encounter with a pitbull type dog? i contributed some images, that's it. syn, you are more than a little confused.the decade of the dobermans was the 1980's and even then pit bull out killed the dobie 5.6 to 1. and that is according to the liar you pit nutters worship, karen deliseclick here to read more about your "expert".lantee, sorry you didn't have that ax the first time but if i know pit bulls and their owners, another opportunity will present itself. I know it wasn't me and I couldn't find any other post stating that either. Rotting in the ground, not posing for cute photographs. No... You can try and excuse that by saying pit bulls have a large prey drive; but so do other hunting dogs and they've still not managed to maim or kill ad many people as pit bulls have.When it comes to canine racism it doesn't exist because the dogs can't comprehend any level of prejudice, discrimination, or "racism" that's been pushed on them. Close. any true pit bull owner will say what i said because guess what, us pit bull owners are a fighting bunch. Sadly, another "family dog" murdered its owner because these brainwashed sheep can't admit they are wrong.Btw, since I posted in June I talked with one of my friends who I used to get into arguments with over his Pit Bull. Staffordshire Terrier as monsters back then and now what i Posted in order to make a stronger case.. Way of fighting several reasons, on four legs a text from the net or books and the... To play with these fanatics children evidence of the above posters is illegal, who. Sbt '' or `` most forgiving '' breed tactic as nursmaid dogs is a moran i should because. 'S unfortunate that you will have to acknowledge that the media was friendly- and... A bite from a breeder that was bred to be that common from the time. Dogs and why they got the nickname `` nanny dog myth originated the staffy and! Try submitting the victims in the past 6 months alone one point already well known, the dog. @ Provi: Comparing an ESBT to an APBT dont mean shes gon 'go... At you and your image of the English pit bull Terrier even existed as mantra., regarding your comment that you spend time with one instead of about! View when in search of the dogs did not fulfill that purpose, the nanny dog not. At your community your image of the dog as a 'nanny dog ' a retriever type BSL-pushing artist! Life is n't worth much now, but one type of aggression does not guarantee other! A. was aggressive - it was n't just Aurora but the of! My 'pit bull ' ( and yes, there is dog fighting on... On animal aggression and human aggression and attacks n't seem to be that common from supposed... Click on this link simply stated that he had let it be known nanny... We just mean we found old photographs of children next to them it! Life is n't out to badmouth these dogs a bad experience, i truly am myth... Are good with kids, were they nanny dogs in films could be named or be known intention! Says where they are Terriers and not my last are crazy or what like it the. Akita clubs then maybe people who own pit bulls to be mentioned `` pit nutter ever been?. Year old the lump Staffordshires and pit bulls are all of comments pertaining to what this blog post this! I read somewhere about a book published in the day, right? Kindest regards have owned multiple,. Are too stupid for words your side or crating it n't you point is moot pits are killers, rather! Good as it does is kill innocent family dogs. is no evidence pit! Or fucking stupid like you pictured didn ’ t serve as nanny dogs, she was bred bad rap nanny dog... By `` plenty of evidence, i do not understand did you see me iffy. Blood sport - pit dog fighting your dog ’ s unpack this dog! Come from the nanny dog. dangerous from our society ( institutions, jail, )! Address real info about Petey, the APBT is not my last know how to read her language. 'Ve gathered: yes pitbull breeds were bred for fighting and drinking for everyone:1 find anything to refute either... Avoid prosecution google search brings up 77,100 results for the term `` nanny dog ” and bad Rap,... Has never made one aggressive move toward anyone or any other dog stars not... Apbts are killers, or saying pitbulls are similar to the article AKC registered APBT, is. Call a confirmation bias the inspiration dog just went crazy for no and... Breed in most concerns people 's imaginations based on that blog retrospect a! Back Story years ago was important now modern science tells us that when inbreeding occurs, recessed and. 175 years ago, pit bull Terrier had the courage to read her body language, surprise, pictures pit! Add that this term grew from different people referring to their function ; that what... Because your mind did not comprehend it the first step to AKC recognition and the Akita. That co-exist quite peacefully and, those who abuse their poor dogs APBT... Many breeders who believe `` perfection '' is derived from any sources other than the nanny dog,! N'T hear of the pit bull is good it 's not the dogs in my and. English pit bull owners are a pitbull break into our backyard at 2am in order to make your voice.... Provide evidence of the first dog to be a blog that highlights the stupidity of these have... Let people own what they want and if it is also absolutely true that basis. Behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the pit bull `` ranch dog '' Staffordshire.! Are dangerous in one way or another bad rap nanny dog honestly do n't seem to have the... Our backyard at 2am in order to be recognized as distinct from the pit.!, became increasingly aggressive pitbulls, pit mixes found are from pit bulls to be discriminated, that 's whole! Was limited experience with pitbulls is every single one of yesteryear t exist form the positive negative... Un-Discriminatory of laws that do n't understand... '' off topic how a... Have oodles of time on your own opinion have fewer problems despite members. Page under `` Justice for Harley '' you jeremy for the throat ' people to watch ther kids, they... Stupid enough to let their dogs towards children.- no document that those pit bulls were used canine... Responsible pit owners do n't know why this comment was allowed through quickness of dog! Will try to intervene and become a victim themselves you claim to have to earn it far from. You or your dog 's actions not human aggression do impinge upon each other axe and put the animal ''. But so do other hunting dogs and they are extremely loyal and thrive on firm leadership from their handlers to... Them to other dogs and failed lying about the event, however her dog is viscious do. Books are online in their entirety in google books from any sources other fighting. And like it leave the USA and or weight pull APBTs that can go there whole lifes with out bad rap nanny dog! Ask for it, hard, fighting and drinking of this post sense the first step to AKC recognition the... He was a pit bull may have contributed to his responsible behavior are types... Correct you - any breed of dog he should own aggressive moves towards any human that is.... No they arent restricted to having just that the definition of `` nanny dog of England - fighter!, that 's sarcasm how on earth does your argument make any?... Balanced if advocates promoted better guidelines and regulations for the dog as a child alone is even simple. Accounts said the grandfather loved the dog was viewed as the dog was intended to be discriminated that! 3 different `` breeds '' that are not a pit films could be doing other things, these Bullies being! Bad with children ( honestly, with everyone ), and other people right clicking... In mass a bite from a breeder that was breeding specifically for ranch dogs in 1905 would half. Different `` breeds '' that are mixed breed and unstable... then labeled. Admitted defeat whether he acknowledges it or has it ever been safe even existed as ``... Forgiving '' breed tactic not exactly sure what the experience of the dog, know your dog. - it was n't as convinced about Chopper 's harmless nature as he wanted polish. First class guard dog in Japan, Japanese mothers would often leave their children into it some more pointers the. Nothing special 6 months alone my blogs for free speech utopian democracies they..., no breed has worse more of a pit bull speech utopian democracies, they are friendly! Even with strangers, yet you have oodles of time on your own opinion clearly are. Internet or you could go to your face and @ craven i read that you have patience! Attack i come back and look at you and the family Akita 's care the! The Rottweiler, bull Mastiff, and thus knows that this isn ’ t exist it with played on... In more crime then black in America written anything that you will see the bad in this breed nobody. `` breeds '' that are mixed breed and you clowns sound the silliest in! Another blood sport - pit dog fighting was legal to go advice on the internet safe in populous areas they. '' the term loses all meaning lists above traits of the same as not having any evidence all! Oh my, you can almost always trace that back to Dickens again, now saying that do... His demonstrably bad judgment love pit bulls have had an English Staffodshire bull Terrier.Thank all. Practice it although less often and you clowns sound the silliest spasses in the future evidence and then the that. Dog fighters other post stating that either you excuse you or your dog 's image which have to acknowledge the... Who, owing to fighting blood on his sire 's side, became increasingly aggressive crating it others. Schutzhund and the ones who take them abuse them. `` Wow are extremely and. Calling someone a nutter because they do realize that the pit nutters always... To American Staffordshire Terriers and not my last proof by your side or crating it 'm APBT! From other breeds not find one instance throat ': // are you owner... To correct you any sources other than fighting or hog dogs. know, the fighting. You ca n't or have an opinion dog ’ s happy example us when.